Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Top listing agent in December and 2019 Forecast

Here we are 2019 folks.  I typically have a slow down this time of year but I've been able to ride the wave and stay busy.  Overall the market is certainly doing its cyclical thing here in Sacramento and Placer county.  Good time for home buyers in my opinion.  Demand is down and we're rarely seeing multiple offers.  We've seen the Sacramento real estate market prices pull back over the last 6 months.  A small correction was in order, the year over year gains we've had since 2012 are unsustainable.  I foresee the Roseville and Rocklin real estate market picking back up come spring time so if you're a buyer, my advise is not to wait.  Get a game plan put together with an experience broker like myself and a good local lender. ( I can recommend several ).  For sellers, I think we're going to see a lot of inventory come on this year.  I think there's a number of people fed up with California and looking to take there money and run.  I already know of some investors that are looking to liquidate. 

  Even though the feds raised rates 1/4 pt last month mortgage rates took a dip.  Go figure!  Loan programs are loosening too.  This makes me a little nervous after what we went thru last time.  I understand the greed and to keep the party going; however, that just a recipe for a strong hangover.  Let me be clear though, loans aren't anything like they were back in 2006, so we're not going to repeat that same mistake.  We might see the market peak in 2019.  Too much uncertainty in our economy.  The Dow is like a ping bong ball, government is shut down and all this over a wall.

At the end of the day folks, if you can afford to buy and not be house poor, then do it.  I don't want to see you with a 50% DTI...  Under 40 is preferred!  Let me help find you a good house and negotiate a better deal. 
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