Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just found out some changes with the VA financing.  They're now allowing the escrow fee and pest report and repairs to be paid by the buyer.  I believe it's capped at 1% of the purchase price, but this is going to make selling homes in Roseville and Rocklin easier.
I have a great listing priced below market in Rocklin at 3320 Sandalwood Rd.  It's a short sale and working on an approved price at 415,000.  Comps are going at 440,000.  This property needs a roof!  I have a bid for 13,000 to get a new roof put on.
We're seeing prices recede slightly.  I'm not sure if that just due to the shift in supply and demand or if it's simply a market correction.  Either way buyers have a better negotiating position now then several months ago.  The market tends to slow down as we enter the holiday season.  Very typical this time of year.
This concludes your real estate market update for the Roseville area for today.


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