Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Placer and Sacramento County real estate update 8/30/17

The market trend continues...
I'm skeptical though, I think the market is due for a correction. We've shoot up again too much and too fast in accordance with peoples affordability.
I think we have a couple US markets to keep an eye on as they should decline before we do. When we start to see Florida, and Arizona drop, then I think we'll follow suit. The constant influx of bay area buyers will keep us stronger than other areas of our state and country.
Another key market indicator is market rents which have skyrocketed. Rents are up about 10% in the last year.
Looking forward to another strong year!
Home prices increased in June 2017, and are unlikely to reverse course, reports the S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Friday, August 11, 2017

August update: Roseville

Here we are in August already.  Wrapping up the nice summer we had, kids back in school already.

How is the real estate market and what can we expect?

In the past weeks, I've noticed a change in the market.  Demand is down and inventory is gaining.  I think we'll see 3-5% shift downward this winter.  We're due for a market check.  If you're a buyer right now and can wait until November, do it.  I think you'll be happy you did.  As for sellers, it's not so much a sellers market anymore.  We're more balanced right now, not a buyers market, nor sellers.

I have some new houses coming on the market soon in Roseville, Rio Linda, Orangevale, and a condo in Sacramento.

If you're looking for a one, I just listed a 8200 sqft house in Auburn.  1 millon for the view and only 600k for the house.  Great deal. (806 sunnyslope Way)

Another new one in Natomas, (5520 Lackland Rd) 2444 sqft 3/3 for 450K